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Freelang (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a web design and translation agency based in Cha-am, province of Phetchaburi, Thailand. We specialize in creating and managing websites, for our customers or for ourselves.


Freelang.net is our core website, it provides a wide range of free bilingual dictionaries, to download or look up online, and a free service that enables you to get in touch with a volunteer translator and ask for some help translating a few words or a short text. We also have basic expressions translated in […]

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Professional Translation

Freelang.net also provides a professional translation service, for all the tasks that don’t fit in our free service, either because it is longer than what we allow for free, or because it is for commercial purpose. Our role as a translation agency is to find the best translator for the job, and to bring guarantees […]

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French legalization

As a registered translator with the French Embassy, I am able to provide translations between English, French and Thai, and have the translations legalized by the French Consulate. En tant que traducteur agréé par l’Ambassade de France, je peux traduire vos documents du thaï au français ou vice-versa, et vous permettre de faire légaliser ces […]

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Wed design

Because we usually make websites for ourselves, we see them as long term projects, not as a one time thing. When we design a website for a customer, we have the same vision, which means that we aim at customer satisfaction on the long run. We work with a trusted team of programmers, designers and […]

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Onlychaam is our local project. Back in 2008, there was very little information about Cha-am on the web. Some websites about Hua Hin would mention Cha-am as a beach week-end destination, and that was about it. So we decided to create a website just for Cha-am (hence the name), and now it has become the website […]

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Driving in Thailand

Thailand has the world highest rate of mortality on the roads. We created driving-in-thailand.com to give foreigners who wish to drive here some comprehensive information and advice. We try to cover pretty much all subjects, starting with the traffic rules (yes, there are some) and how to get a Thai driving license, but also the […]

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Our facts

Just a few figures we are proud of! Many thanks to all the people who contribute daily to the Freelang project.
0 Free dictionaries to download on Freelang.net
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