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Our Forums

In June 2002, Lokanova, a website providing free services, became the host for the Freelang forums. Lokanova also had forums of its own, and the two communities merged. The two websites are now in close partnership.

Lokanova also provides a free (and ad-free) email service, and an online chat.

The "Lokanova and Freelang forum" has 4,400 registered members (400 new members and a total of 480,000 visitors in year 2006). More than 16,000 topics have been opened, and an average of 140 messages are posted everyday.

Freelang forums mainly provide help for translations, whereas the other forums cover various topics (news, arts, literature, travel, cooking, computer problems, everyday life).

Our members often organize meetings where they get to know each other around a meal in a restaurant. It's an open community and we welcome every new member!